# codefour gmbh is an independent boutique software development firm
    our strength is understanding the clients needs and help
    - chosing the right technologies
    - defining the requirements
    - building the specs
    - finish and maintain a first class piece of software
    ## area of expertise
    - digital transformation and business process automation, see hundreds.ai
    - enterprise asset management energy, railways, see EASYASSET
    - business process digitalization energy, railways, legal services
    - numerical simulations and optimizations energy
    - blockchain and smart contracts energy, finance, legal services
    - computer vision asset management, medtech
    - machine learning social media, finance
    ## quality assured
    - close collaboration with the client
    - agile development process
    - we don't reinvent the wheel, usage of open source software
    - reduce amount of code less maintenance, less bugs
    ## about
christian wengert
dr. sc. ETH christian wengert
christoph russ
dr. sc. ETH christoph russ